Convesion Marketing 101



Conversion Marketing turns visitors into customers

We help you create high converting landing pages and automation systems to generate better leads.


See how simple and logical automation can be

Go beyond the landing page, and let us set up your entire customer relationship management workflow. Use automation to power your business.
Conversion Marketing is the Way to Go!

The Conversion Marketing
Visitor Experience

Automating your process for obtaining leads and converting them into customers is the only way to go. Instead of hiring an entire team to manage your back office, you can set it up and let the system run on automatic as you are able to work on what matters to you, making money.

The Conversion Marketing Process

1. Define Conversion Goal

Whether it's getting more leads, new subscribers or anything else. We create automation intelligence based on the conversion marketing goal.

2. Automate Leads

Next is to design a lead generating landing page to start your automation. These leads will eventually convert into paying clients or customers - first we need to get them there.

3. Create a Campaign

Use Conversion Marketing to earn trust. When people see something the first time, they may not be ready to buy so the Conversion Marketing 101 system will track their interest.

4. Track Your Deals

Once you’ve been able to get some value and benefit info to your list, you can then present your product or service to them. Track it all with Conversion Marketing 101.

Use conversion marketing to get more leads, and interact with them through learning their needs with automation

We work with you to manage your customer experience from start to finish.


Customer Relationship Management &
Email Marketing Automation

  • Lifecycle Automation

    Modify contact data, organize contacts, send send targeted follow up campaigns. Trigger automations by site visits, emails (sent or received), even text message interactions.

  • Auto-Import Your Contacts

    We can automatically import and add your contacts from your current CRM, eCommerce platforms, customer service software, and more.

  • Smart Email Campaigns

    Show different content in your messages dynamically depending on your contact’s information, social data, interests and interactions.

  • Live Contact Notifications

    As users move through automation workflows and interact with your content we can notify you or your staff so they can take action or follow-up.

  • Social Analysis & Intelligence

    We will attempt to find all social media accounts attached to the contact’s email address. You can also view all social response to your campaigns in real time.

  • Campaign Autopilot

    Have specific campaigns start with dynamic content whenever you post a new blog, have product announcements, and make changes to your website.

"Since I've worked with J and his team my business has grown over double the business I did in 2014. I had to hire a lot more people, because the business never stops."


Clients we have worked with:

We work with businesses of all sizes. Conversion rates are good for everyone, here are just a few we increased conversion rates for.

Walls By Design
Geelong Cable Locations

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The Conversion Marketing 101 approach is about better leads, landing pages, and automation.